Wednesday, 4 July 2012



I've never really been one to sound eloquent or intellectual, but people say I have a way with words. As you'd most likely know, I'm a pretty vocal person. You'll know that with me, it's not really what I say, so much as how I say it.

Anyway,  I've started a blog. I know you don't care why, but I'll tell you anyway (and because I wanted to get at least one post up before I go to bed). I'll try keep it short and sweet:

1. Men these days dress terribly. We live in a very visual society. The first judgement that is passed on us is the one of how we look. You would think more highly of a man dressed in a well fitting suit than a man in a singlet and a pair of stubbies.

2. My own amusement. I love expressing myself and this will simply be a means of doing that. I tend to rant a lot. I'd like to think of this as a form of..controlled and organised ranting.

The content will be accessible and practical. It won't be focussed on the latest trends, but rather classic looks which will never get old. I'm also thinking of incorporating some cooking related posts as well. 

Tomorrow is a rest day from the gym, so a post is likely to go up tomorrow. I'll tweak the layout and stuff too.

Until then..


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