Monday, 29 October 2012

17. Mauritian Food - Mini Photodump

From the bottom of my jetlagged heart, I issue apologies for skipping last week's update. Internet access has been inconsistent for me. I guess enjoying my holiday was more important than posting pictures on the Internet.

Anyway, I feel like I have been overdue for a food related post - so I thought I'd do a mini photodump. This one will be of food I managed to take a picture of shortly before their delicious (yet grim) demise. 

Eski is a range of soft drinks which come in a bunch of interesting flavours, namely almond, vanilla and strawberry. A small bottle would set you back about $1.30.

Minne (pronounced "min") is a basic stirfried noodle dish and is a common street food. $3. 


 The next dish is called bol reverse*. Again, a stir fry style dish with the novelty of removing an upside down bowl. Chicken, pork, chinese sausage, rice, buk choy and an egg on top. $3. Wagamama, eat your $20-per-grain-of-rice heart out.

Good old roti. Served with rougaille and potato curry. There are hundreds of street vendors across the country. Extremely popular and when fresh, absolutely amazing. A pair is a lousy 80c. Roti and Loic got along just fine (and frequently).

There was a lot more that I ate, but I honestly forgot to take photos of them. I've still got to unpack and take a look at the pictures I took on my camera. Another photodump will likely follow.


*Thanks Nic, you knob

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

16. Photodump 1

Hi everyone,

I'm in Mauritius at the moment and I'd like to apologise for not posting as usual on Sundays. Unfortunately there wasn't much Internet floating around 12km over the Indian Ocean.

On the flight over, I was pretty bored and had a chance to go through some pictures on my phone. Though they aren't all clothing related, I thought they'd be worthwhile sharing.

Mismatched belt and shoes, and the YD shirt is bad.

Same as above. Bad YD shirt.

Regardless of eagerness, writing on your footwear is never ok.

Couldn't help but notice Emma was the only colourful lady in the carpark.
I love how she stands out.

Don't wear jeans to the gym you bloody douchebag.

3/4 pants/shorts are never ok.

Hopefully while I'm here I can find something to write about. Either that, or take sneaky pictures of badly dressed people.


Sunday, 7 October 2012

15. Wardrobe Essential: Red Knit

The "Wardrobe Essential" posts all have one thing in common. They are all versatile and can be worn without too much thought. One fantastic example of said versatility is today's article - the red knit. I'm partial to the Tommy Hilfiger rendition.

You're probably thinking: "Why red? What's wrong with blue or green? Why is Loic so good looking? Can he really deadlift 140kg for 6 reps?"* Red is just a breeze to colour match. It goes really well with other bold colours. If you're not sure, wearing white underneath will be foolproof.

Knits are also great because they are light but keep you warm. They really shine when it's cold outside, but not cold enough to warrant wearing a bulky jacket. They are also an alternative to hoodies, if you're tired of looking like a uni student. 

Wearing knits helps add a dressy edge without going overboard. They should be of a neat and tidy fit. Bagginess is not an option. 

Let's take a look at some examples of different ways you can wear a red knit:

We can easily construct a decent outfit with black jeans and sneakers.

Dessert boots add a dressy feel to an otherwise basic outfit.

Red knits also work effectively as a layering piece.

Red knits can easily transition to the office. Wear it with navy or charcoal.

With chinos and white tee - two other wardrobe essentials.

Though I didn't have one available, red knits work beautifully with checked shirts underneath. Think gingham. There's also a bit of stigma about the fabric of knits. Some prefer wool and are all about the cashmere content. Others prefer cotton. Both are fine. 

The beauty of this wardrobe essential is that the colour is striking, and the fit is tidy. An interesting balance between eye catching and understated. A Tommy Hilfiger knit will set you back about $100. It's a fair price considering all the different ways you can wear it.


*Yes, I am that good looking and yes, I can deadlift 140kg for 6 reps.

Monday, 1 October 2012

14. 2:1 Colour Ratio

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I can't claim today's post as my own. I had read this in a magazine a few years ago. I found it so simple and easy to follow, that I have to share it with you. Earlier today I was in a rush to get dressed so I couldn't spend my usual half an hour deciding what to wear. I had no choice but to revert what I call the "2:1 Colour Ratio".

Before I explain the ratio, let's assume every casual outfit comprises of three pieces: top, bottom and shoes. To keep it basic, let's stick with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. The colour ratio comes in as a foolproof method of colour matching which anyone can follow. Of course, you don't always have to do this, but it's safe and it works.

Simply pick two colours. Wear two of one colour and one of the other.  A classic example is a white tee with blue jeans and white shoes.

The overall look works because it isn't too complicated. A lot of men who 'dress to impress' often end up out of their depth and rely on one piece of their outfit to carry the whole look. It's essential that when you get dressed that all parts of your outfit work together. Just keep it simple! Would you rather look terrible in an obvious way, or look good in a subtle and understated way?

Here's a couple of other examples:

Dressing 2:1 isn't essential, but it's an easy way to make ensure that your outfits are decently colour matched. My favourite combo is to match the top and shoes, so as to 'frame' the bottoms you may choose to wear.