Monday, 21 January 2013

28. Health and Fitness Special: Exercise

After the horrible Coles rejection, it was time to trim down. I figured the best way to do that was cardio. For the better part of a month, I would go to the gym twice a day and hammer out hour-long cardio sessions. I saw that I was losing weight. Unfortunately it was very little for the amount of work I was putting in.

I asked a few people who were where I wanted to be. They all said the same thing - get stuck into the weights. So I did, and the rest is history. I never had a crazy level of dedication. I would go three or four times a week and would cycle three basic workouts.

Despite common belief, girls can lift weights without looking like a muscle-bound freak. This is because girls don't secrete testosterone and growth hormone the same way men do.

Workout One: Push

3 sets, 12 repetitions - Barbell flat bench press
3 sets, 12 repetitions - Seated dumbbell shoulder press
3 sets, 12 repetitions - Incline bench press

Workout Two: Pull

3 sets, 12 repetitions - Deadlift
3 sets, 12 repetitions - T-bar row
3 sets, 12 repetitions - Lat pulldown

Workout Three: Legs

3 sets, 12 repetitions - Squats
3 sets, 12 repetitions - Lunges
3 sets, 12 repetitions - Hamstring Curls

Rest for no more than 90 seconds after each set. 

This is not the be all and end all of workout programs. It's just basic, to help get you on your way! Week after week, your strength will keep increasing and lifting will become addictive.

I would strongly recommend you organise at least one personal training session to learn how each exercise is done properly. The last few repetitions of each set should be difficult. Proper technique is number one.

If you have any questions, please ask.


*For extra credit, visit these websites:

Michael Janda - PT (if you're in Sydney)

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