Monday, 1 October 2012

14. 2:1 Colour Ratio

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I can't claim today's post as my own. I had read this in a magazine a few years ago. I found it so simple and easy to follow, that I have to share it with you. Earlier today I was in a rush to get dressed so I couldn't spend my usual half an hour deciding what to wear. I had no choice but to revert what I call the "2:1 Colour Ratio".

Before I explain the ratio, let's assume every casual outfit comprises of three pieces: top, bottom and shoes. To keep it basic, let's stick with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. The colour ratio comes in as a foolproof method of colour matching which anyone can follow. Of course, you don't always have to do this, but it's safe and it works.

Simply pick two colours. Wear two of one colour and one of the other.  A classic example is a white tee with blue jeans and white shoes.

The overall look works because it isn't too complicated. A lot of men who 'dress to impress' often end up out of their depth and rely on one piece of their outfit to carry the whole look. It's essential that when you get dressed that all parts of your outfit work together. Just keep it simple! Would you rather look terrible in an obvious way, or look good in a subtle and understated way?

Here's a couple of other examples:

Dressing 2:1 isn't essential, but it's an easy way to make ensure that your outfits are decently colour matched. My favourite combo is to match the top and shoes, so as to 'frame' the bottoms you may choose to wear.


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