Sunday, 7 October 2012

15. Wardrobe Essential: Red Knit

The "Wardrobe Essential" posts all have one thing in common. They are all versatile and can be worn without too much thought. One fantastic example of said versatility is today's article - the red knit. I'm partial to the Tommy Hilfiger rendition.

You're probably thinking: "Why red? What's wrong with blue or green? Why is Loic so good looking? Can he really deadlift 140kg for 6 reps?"* Red is just a breeze to colour match. It goes really well with other bold colours. If you're not sure, wearing white underneath will be foolproof.

Knits are also great because they are light but keep you warm. They really shine when it's cold outside, but not cold enough to warrant wearing a bulky jacket. They are also an alternative to hoodies, if you're tired of looking like a uni student. 

Wearing knits helps add a dressy edge without going overboard. They should be of a neat and tidy fit. Bagginess is not an option. 

Let's take a look at some examples of different ways you can wear a red knit:

We can easily construct a decent outfit with black jeans and sneakers.

Dessert boots add a dressy feel to an otherwise basic outfit.

Red knits also work effectively as a layering piece.

Red knits can easily transition to the office. Wear it with navy or charcoal.

With chinos and white tee - two other wardrobe essentials.

Though I didn't have one available, red knits work beautifully with checked shirts underneath. Think gingham. There's also a bit of stigma about the fabric of knits. Some prefer wool and are all about the cashmere content. Others prefer cotton. Both are fine. 

The beauty of this wardrobe essential is that the colour is striking, and the fit is tidy. An interesting balance between eye catching and understated. A Tommy Hilfiger knit will set you back about $100. It's a fair price considering all the different ways you can wear it.


*Yes, I am that good looking and yes, I can deadlift 140kg for 6 reps.

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