Sunday, 4 November 2012

18. Trip to Mauritius - Photodump

Hi everyone,

As promised, here's a few highlights from my time overseas. I'll revert to clothing related posts shortly, allow me to indulge!

 The people in the orange shirts would spend all day calling out to people and getting them to buy a glass of  alouda. Alouda is a drink with milk and other stuff. Similar to bubble tea. They sure as hell caught me.

 Chicken curry, faratha and the beer of Mauritius - Phoenix. Courtesy of my aunt Danielle.

 Boats, in Port Louis - who'd have thought?

 "Very hot Nakul. He has a big cock, call him"

Why don't our buses have Wi-Fi?! 

 Street food is extremely common. The most common food sold is dhall puri and roti. These things are everywhere.

 This gentleman simply oozes cool.

 "Don't piss in this lane."

 I snuck in a cheeky workout in a Mauritian gym. $3 for a casual visit, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to complain. A severe lack of 20kg plates.

 Jumped out of this thing (video below).

 After I landed, there were two British ladies waiting for their turn. We had a brief chat and I offered comforting words: "It's really fast and my brain just kinda scrambled." This was their ascent to madness.

 A somewhat questionable plaything.

 Loic and Joyous Rains had a good time (video below).

Had to show the ostriches some love.

 Just taking in the view.

 Everyone leaves after Mass. 

 Got a lift from the cops.

 Riviere Noire National Park

 Church, forgot the name of it.

It got pretty hot.

 Rivier Noire, looking west to Flic en Flacq. This was absolutely breathtaking.

 Double barrel 12 gauge and a .308, I think.

How can water even get this blue?


Let me just say that loud things and heights are things that I don't like. I usually prefer drinking tea, eating lots of ice cream and doing deadlifts. Language warning for the fireworks video.



  1. Very interesting and funny capturing of the different sides of Mauritius! love the gym pic :P

  2. Thanks :)

    I've got a video coming up soon!

    Hope your soccer training/graduation celebrations went well.

  3. Cool! the Bill Crosby one?

    Yep it did, thanks for your celebration recommendations! and p.s I was asking you stuff for my friend :P

  4. The Bill Cosby video is up now...try looking at the front page of the blog to check it out!

  5. Thanks for offering such great information. I am willing to visit as soon as I will. trip to Mauritius