Monday, 29 October 2012

17. Mauritian Food - Mini Photodump

From the bottom of my jetlagged heart, I issue apologies for skipping last week's update. Internet access has been inconsistent for me. I guess enjoying my holiday was more important than posting pictures on the Internet.

Anyway, I feel like I have been overdue for a food related post - so I thought I'd do a mini photodump. This one will be of food I managed to take a picture of shortly before their delicious (yet grim) demise. 

Eski is a range of soft drinks which come in a bunch of interesting flavours, namely almond, vanilla and strawberry. A small bottle would set you back about $1.30.

Minne (pronounced "min") is a basic stirfried noodle dish and is a common street food. $3. 


 The next dish is called bol reverse*. Again, a stir fry style dish with the novelty of removing an upside down bowl. Chicken, pork, chinese sausage, rice, buk choy and an egg on top. $3. Wagamama, eat your $20-per-grain-of-rice heart out.

Good old roti. Served with rougaille and potato curry. There are hundreds of street vendors across the country. Extremely popular and when fresh, absolutely amazing. A pair is a lousy 80c. Roti and Loic got along just fine (and frequently).

There was a lot more that I ate, but I honestly forgot to take photos of them. I've still got to unpack and take a look at the pictures I took on my camera. Another photodump will likely follow.


*Thanks Nic, you knob


  1. Bol RENVERSÉ lol

    Don't forget about our time in the trenches near Flic en Flac aka Baghdad in G-String ;)

  2. I can't believe they were actually shooting AT us!