Sunday, 16 December 2012

25. Tight-arse Tip: Clippers

This modern age of corporate greed, financial crisis and forever new iphones, demands that the modern man is wise with his wallet. When it comes to presentation, many think that the quality of one's appearance relates directly to the amount of money invested into that look. For example: "This haircut cost $75 - this means it's good." This isn't always the case. If the haircut doesn't suit you, even if you threw a lot of money at it, it still won't suit you.

Clippers are a great addition to your grooming ensemble for two reasons, cost and functionality.


I've had a pair of clippers for about six months now. I bought them from Target for $20. Nothing special at all. Since that time, I haven't used a razor to shave my face. Razors these days are quite expensive, and maybe something you can do without.

Let's put it in mathematical terms:

Gillette Fusion razors are $20 for a 4 pack. This would cost $5 for one. If you replace your blade every week, it's going to cost $260 per year. Even if you get an expensive pair of clippers, it's going to  work out much much cheaper.

Remember that there's shaving cream and any other moisturisers on top of that too!


A pair of clippers are always handy. Here's a few reasons:

- they can be used on your chest, back, pubic region and anywhere in between
- there's no need to use shaving cream, and cutting yourself with them is difficult
- they can erase shitty haircuts
- they're great at helping maintain stubble. Clippers will never shave as close to the skin as a razor, but that's a good thing. It'll place less stress on your skin, so no more breaking out.
- quick shaving

Here's a before and after of me with a quick buzz of the clippers:

Likelihood of car theft: n%

Likelihood of car theft: n-50%

If you're looking for an easy, skin-friendly and handy way to save some cash - go and buy a pair of clippers!


P.S I don't steal cars.

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