Sunday, 24 March 2013

30. Tier Theory: Tier Two (Street Casual)

Two trips to Sydney* in the last three weeks, and a long weekend in between. I've certainly been keeping myself busy. In the mean time, I hope none of you have been wearing ugg boots beyond your doorsteps.

Moving onto today's post, tier two. This here is your street casual look. This is probably the most common kind of look you're going to be rocking, so it's important to get it right.

Street casual is the kind of look you'd go for if you were going to the movies, a casual bar or a house party. Nothing serious, but still demanding some kind of effort.

The best way to look good is through simple and effective colour matching. Stick to your basics: jeans, plain t-shirts, sneakers, chinos and the odd button up shirt. 

Take a look at the below:

Note how the t-shirt and the shoes match. The shirt is optional.

Again, the tops and shoes match. They bounce of the colour of the chinos too. If you're up for it, roll up the chinos and show off some funky socks.

Check in next week for tier three, where things get a little more interesting! Hopefully there won't be any interstate travel involved between now and then.


*The first flight to Sydney was for Soundwave, the other for my sister's 30th. Happy birthday Nat. I look fantastic in a dress.

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