Sunday, 7 April 2013

31. Tier Theory: Tier Three (Smart Casual)

I was going to post an update last week but I was on the back end of a two day hangover. I figured it could wait. (Seriously, worst hangover in at least a year)

This week we'll be covering smart casual.

The typical occasion for dressing smart casual would be going out for dinner or drinks. The focus is that everything is neat, clean and tidy. No holes in your jeans or anything like that.

Tops - it goes without saying that smart casual requires a casual shirt. For the purpose of smart casual, light blue works for pretty much everyone. Marcs is a personal favourite of mine for shirts. Avoid excessive branding if possible.

Make sure you iron them, too.

Coats - coats are all pretty much smart casual so you can't really go wrong. There's plenty of variety, here's a couple of examples.

Double-breasted pea coat: wardrobe classic.

Military field jacket: on the more informal end of the spectrum. 

Navy blazer: For more dressy occasions.

Bottoms - neat jeans, chinos and trousers are all a winner here. For trousers, try to avoid stripes as they're generally reserved for business.

Shoes - two words: desert boots. An absolute slam dunk.

Next week will be tier four and a recap of the whole concept.

Until then (or when I'm hungover), have a good week.


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