Tuesday, 16 October 2012

16. Photodump 1

Hi everyone,

I'm in Mauritius at the moment and I'd like to apologise for not posting as usual on Sundays. Unfortunately there wasn't much Internet floating around 12km over the Indian Ocean.

On the flight over, I was pretty bored and had a chance to go through some pictures on my phone. Though they aren't all clothing related, I thought they'd be worthwhile sharing.

Mismatched belt and shoes, and the YD shirt is bad.

Same as above. Bad YD shirt.

Regardless of eagerness, writing on your footwear is never ok.

Couldn't help but notice Emma was the only colourful lady in the carpark.
I love how she stands out.

Don't wear jeans to the gym you bloody douchebag.

3/4 pants/shorts are never ok.

Hopefully while I'm here I can find something to write about. Either that, or take sneaky pictures of badly dressed people.


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